Curriculum As Literacy

Growing up in Regina, I adopted a eurocentric view of the world. In elementary school, my class was comprised of mainly white Canadians. I grew up in a home where we didn’t have to worry about money and a lot of things came easily to me. My family is also very close and my parents are still together, so I think that also shapes the way I see the world. I don’t remember learning a lot about Indigenous culture, and I also felt like I didn’t come into contact with many Indigenous people. I definitely saw the single story of white Canadians in my school. Kumashiro states in Against Common Sense that, “when students read literature by only certain groups of people, they learn about only certain experiences and perspectives, especially those of groups that have traditionally been privileged in society”. I only remember reading books that told stories about white people, which happened to reflect my ethnicity, but not that of everyone’s in the class. It is important to give students literature that can connect to each student in diverse ways.

Kumashiro, Kevin K.. Against Common Sense : Teaching and Learning Toward Social Justice, Routledge, 2009. ProQuest Ebook Central,

2 thoughts on “Curriculum As Literacy

  1. Hey Kaeli, Its interesting to see your perspective as someone who lived the very stereotypical family life, Do you find it something now that your older and apart of ED Classes that your more aware of this privilege?
    Thanks for the post!


  2. Hi Kaeli. I really connected to your post. I also grew up in a family where we never had to worry about money, and my classes also were always comprised of White Canadians. The only difference I see here, is my parents separated when I was 15, I feel this has changed the way I see some things. Do you think this would change the way that you would see the world as well? Thank you for sharing.


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